Government Accounting Services


The unit is charged with the initiation and co-ordination of economic planning efforts in the ministry including the preparation of strategic plan and its operationalisation in line with the current government efforts in economic recovery as well as sector wide approach to economic, budgetary matters and public expenditure review in liaison with the Ministry of Planning and National Development.

The unit is also responsible for implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policy initiatives of the Ministry.

The Functions of the unit include:

    Preparation and operationalization of the ministry strategic plan.

    Analysis of Government policies to determine their medium and long-term fiscal implications.

    Co-ordination of the preparation and implementation of Public Expenditure Review (PER) which is the basis for MOF MTEF budgets.

    Preparation, monitoring and evaluation of regular reports on investment programmes on economic recovery.

    Preparation, monitoring and evaluation of Millennium Development Goals and preparation of regular reports as may be required from time to time.

    Participation in preparation of MOF inputs into sector policy position papers.

    Vocal point in major ministry policy initiatives including public sector reforms.