Senior Management

 Responsible for: -

1. Co-coordinating, reviewing and evaluation of corporate plans, budgets, quarterly performance reports and investment of surplus funds returns of Public Enterprises.

2. Setting strategic objective and performance targets for Public Enterprises.

3. Developing and introducing effective procedures for the monitoring and supervision of the Public Enterprises.

4. Preparation, Negotiations, implementation and review of performance contracts for Public Enterprises.

5. Liaison with parent Ministries on all matters relating to performance of Public Enterprises.

6. Maintaining a comprehensive financial database for all Public Enterprises.

7. Evaluating the need for the provision of non-commercial services and subventions.

8. Censuring the application of approved corporate governance procedures.

9. Evaluating Public Enterprises financial performance and highlighting areas of concern to facilitate early resolution of problems and recommending remedial measures.

10. Ensuring that, appropriate and timely financial guidelines, (Budget Circular) are issued to the Public Enterprises and their parent ministries.

New Developments

Soon to have an M.I.S project to improve on the monitoring capacity