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Digital Literacy Programme

Digital literacy programme will change, enhance and transform education and the lives of children. National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich says the “overall objective of the Digital Literacy Programme is to prepare our children for the 21st skills needed in today’s globally competitive environment.”

Role Of Doing Business Reforms In Africa -“The Faster Lions”

7TH October, 2016
By Maina Kigaga
Kenya has been making strong and decisive progress towards improving its business environment as part of efforts to attract foreign direct investments and create jobs.

IMF/World Bank High Level Panel On Governance

IMF/World Bank High Level Panel On Governance
Thursday, October 06, 2016
By Maina Kigaga
Kenya is striving to close the governance gap by improving on service delivery through automation and digitalization.


The MAFISD is responsible for coordinating macro-fiscal policies. It monitors closely fiscal and monetary policies, exchange rate and interest rates developments and provides monthly reports on recent economic developments. The Division, in liaison with other relevant institutions, is in charge of coordinating policies in the financial sector including such areas as: banks, non bank financial institutions micro-finance, insurance industry, retirement benefits, and the capital markets. The Division has the following three Sections:


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