Department of Government Investments & Public Enterprises

1. The Investment function entails responsibility for coordinating the overall management of government Investments and Public Enterprises;
2. Developing the strategic objectives and policies relating to the financial oversight and management of State Corporations,
3. Managing the restructuring of State Corporations and overall public enterprise sector reforms;
4. Coordinating the implementation of the privatization programme;
5. Appraisal of state corporations projects and other investments;
6. Approval of state corporations annual budgets;
7. Processing of Treasury approvals and financing agreements relating to parastatals borrowing;
8. Receipt of revenue from government investments including loan and interest redemption, dividends and directors fees;
9. Representing the Treasury in the negotiation and implementation of Public Private Partnership initiatives;
10. Representing the Treasury in Committees and forums addressing government investments policy;
11. Representing the Treasury in the Public Investment Committee (PIC) of Parliament;
12. Follow-up of the implementation of PIC recommendations and preparing the Treasury Memorandum

Investments Secretary
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Tel: +254 (20) 252299
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