Comment: Turning Kenya into a 24-hour economy will boost development
CJ38tMkVAAE2NMeThe benefits of a 24-hour economy are enormous. It helps in job creation, increases productivity by allowing us to utilize the available space, manpower and technology.
A 24-hour economy will also ensure growth of other amenities that are needed for its success such as water, electricity and transport infrastructure.
The lighting up of Nairobi and installation of surveillance is part of the plan to encourage the 24-hour economy. In line with Vision 2030, it is the Government’s wish that Nairobi turns into the region’s premier 24-hour economic hub.

Kenya is ranked among the world-fastest growing economies, and a 24-hour concept helps us even grow faster in a country that is on the path of attaining middle-income status.

The government is doing a lot in ensuring that the cost of doing business comes down as well as putting in place an enabling environment by increasing connectivity and making energy affordable especially for large consumers such as industries.
Reducing the cost of energy for the manufacturers and industries will help bring the cost of living down as well as helping reduce over-reliance on imports. This will also increase the number of exports from the country and as a result increase foreign earnings.