DSC 0643GOH: Mr. Erick Korir
Director of Procurement
Appropriate training and provision of requisite skills to the supply chain management officers in the public sector is the right step in enhancing prudent use of resources and service delivery in the country.
Director of Public Procurement in the National Treasury Mr. Erick Korir, said the government revised the public procurement curriculum to enhance skills and competencies of supply chain management officers which had been on the spotlight by the public and development partners.

“Public Procurement is vital in national development efforts since it ensures prudent utilization of Public resources by spreading out government procurement opportunities to the disadvantaged groups in the society”, said Mr. Korir.
DSC 0657The Director of Procurement in the National Treasury was speaking today at Kenya School of Government Nairobi while opening a one day procurement in-service curriculum stakeholders’ forum for Supply Chain Management Officers drawn from all parts of the country.
Mr. Korir said public sector reform agents including supply chain management officers who are equipped with requisite skills, knowledge and attitudes would thrive effectively the country’s development agenda, especially the mega projects under implementation.
He said the review of the public procurement curriculum for training certificate, diploma and advanced diploma courses which begun in 2013 was undertaken to align it with the changes in the procurement environment, the constitution and Vision 2030 aspirations.
DSC 0647He commended the public procurement curriculum review working committee for coming up with a relevant new curriculum which he said will replace the existing curriculum which was last reviewed in 2004, adding that the curriculum will no doubt promote the country’s socio-economic development, equity and national unity.
He praised the new curriculum, saying it was more responsive to the needs of the private and the public sectors, adding that it will win the support of Kenyans and investors.
“After realizing that the current public procurement curriculum had been overtaken by events, the National Treasury in 2013 jump started the review process and since then, the review working committee have had a lengthy consultative process and stakeholder involvement whose end result is the new public procurement curriculum document presented today for review by all the stakeholders in the supply chain management profession”, Mr. Korir added.