The Procurement In-Service Curriculum Stakeholders’ Forum held at the Kenya School of Government Nairobi (KSG) was in line with our country’s development agenda and more so Vision 2030 blueprint.
The ultimate goal of the Vision is to transform Kenya into a middle income country by 2030. This can only be achieved by providing the relevant skills to the procurement officers through appropriate training.
The Director of Procurement in the National Treasury Mr. Erick Korir, who moderated the Procurement In-Service Curriculum Stakeholders’ Forum recently at KSG, said he was impressed by procurement officers noble idea to revise the curriculum which solely focusses on equipping them with requisite skills and competencies through curriculum review.

“The Committee members who actualized the new curriculum and the dream of the National Treasury worked tirelessly and produced a curriculum document that will promote prudent use of resources, sustainable socio-economic development, equity and national unity, and win the confidence of Kenyans and investors”, said Mr. Korir.
The Public Procurement department of the National Treasury is therefore mandated to develop capacity of supply chain management practitioners for efficient, effective and transparent financial management in the public sector.
In that respect, the department initiated a curriculum in 2004 to address emerging issues in the new regulatory dispensation and build the necessary capacity in the public procurement operations.
During the review of the curriculum, gaps were identified in procurement proficiency, numeracy and ICT competencies in the existing syllabus. The new syllabus therefore introduces content that will equip trainees with skills in customer care, computing, records management and negotiation.
“The Public Sector purchasing and supply management course is aimed at equipping supply chain personnel with the requisite knowledge, skills, attitude and competencies necessary for effective and efficient performance and procurement duties. In other words, the course has been designed to shape the career development of the procurement officers”, Mr. Korir said.
“The new curriculum which offers Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses to Supply Chain Management Officers is expected to tackle several development challenges in the Kenyan economy and society”, he added.
Mr. Korir further said that some of the challenges in our society include corruption and poverty, inequity and unemployment. More than 40 percent of Kenyans therefore live below the poverty line, he said, while inequity and unemployment amongst our youth who are the key drivers of our economy is of great concern.
He said the revised curriculum will foster prudent financial discipline in the country which is significant at the moment in view of the mega infrastructure projects under implementation such as in education, water, roads and agriculture amongst others.
The new curriculum on the other hand, has come out at the right time when the country is building the capacity of the public service to enhance service delivery and quality.
“Incorporating stakeholders’views in the curriculum process is the way forward in improving the quality of the curriculum in line with Kenyan Constitution 2010 and Vision 2030. The National Treasury will work with all other stakeholders to ensure that doing business in Kenya is a feasible endeavour with regard to procurement processes but within the provisions of the law”. Mr. Korir said.
The revised curriculum will no doubt inculcate relevant competencies, skills, attitudes and knowledge in line with contemporary trends such as e-procurement and preferences and reservations amongst others which are today common practices globally.