Ministries, State Departments and Agencies (MDAs) have been urged to assign experienced and competent officers who are able to spearhead budget making process in a bid to ensure that the government policies and programmes are well captured and funded accordingly.
National Treasury Principal Secretary Dr. Kamau Thugge said such officers include MDAs’ heads of budget, accounting, finance, planning, and human resource management and development.

“Formulation of Ministerial Budget Proposals should be done at the Ministerial level but not in sector working groups (SGWs) retreats and meetings. This will cut down cost and the number of officers who should not exceed five during the final stages of the budget proposals before being presented to Parliament for approval,” said Dr. Thugge.
The Principal Secretary was speaking at Kenyatta International Convention Center (KICC), Nairobi, during the launch of the Sector Working Groups for the preparation of the 2016/17 – 2018/19 medium term budget.
The launch of the SGWs which runs for the next 10 months, he said, marks the official start of the budget making process for the medium-term budget.
Dr. Thugge challenged SGWs to analyse critically past budgets performance before embarking on the preparation of the medium-term budget in order to come out with realistic, manageable and workable budget proposals.
 “In the past, most public sector entities have paid leap service to budget making process. Thus Sector Chairpersons, Convenors and Co-Convenors should ensure that public entities prepare and submit timely their performance review reports in cognizance of the limited resource allocation in the Budget Envelope,” Dr. Thugge noted.
He also said the 2016/17 budget is being prepared against a backdrop of several challenges among them domestic and global shocks which demands that all sectors identify and priotize accurately the key national projects for funding.
He observed that experience from the past budget preparation shows that there is need to build capacity for the budget SGWs personnel so that they could perform their duties effectively to the satisfaction of the government.
On implementation of financial year 2015/16 budget, Dr. Thugge acknowledged that the National Treasury has received several requests for additional funding for payment of pending bills and unpaid G-Pays for the last financial year which he noted poses a great challenge to the government in view of the scarce resources at its disposal.
He then advised public sector entities to manage their resources prudently and as guided by ceilings contained in the Treasury Circular No. 8/2015, adding that uncompleted projects should be prioritized in the next budget.
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