KRA Times TowerThe Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) collected Ksh76.83 billion in taxes last month. The continuing focus on growing inflows from the excise duty streams through ongoing crackdown on manufacturers.
Statement of actual revenue published by National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Mr. Henry Rotich, indicates the taxman had a good start to the financial year that begun in July.
Full year target is Ksh1.215 trillion, which is 16.19 percent or Ksh170 billion higher than the Ksh1.05 trillion target for last fiscal year ended June 30.

KRA missed the target for the 2014/15 year by a marginal 4.76 percent, collecting Ksh1.001 trillion which was however 3.86 percent more than the Ksh963 billion it netted in the year ended 2013/14. Last year’s revenues were boosted by intensified audits on transfer pricing by multinationals.
KRA Commissioner General Mr. John Njiraini, on July 1, backed electronic tax surveillance services through the iTax system and last year’s placing of senior staff on three-year contracts to boost collections this year.
“If we have already been able to achieve an annual growth of 15 percent for the last 10 years, we should even see better achievement in the future based on what we have put in place and the action that we are taking to also encourage Kenyans to partner and work with us”, Mr. Njiraini said.
The KRA had started this year with increased scrutiny on manufacturers and importers where it believes substantial revenue could be leaking.
The agency has embarked on a crackdown on manufacturers who have not complied with stringent excise licensing rules, a move Mr. Njiraini said will make manufacturers tax compliant.