DSC 8292According to the National Treasury, Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) is an automated system used for public financial management that interlinks planning, budgeting, expenditure management and control, accounting, procurement, audit and reporting. E-procurement is a component of IFMIS whose usage is submission and evaluation of procurement applications.

According to the Kenya ICT Authority, its benefits are that it enhances efficiency and transparency in public procurement thus eliminating corruption, provides an equal platform for suppliers to compete for tenders and also dispensing justice through archiving of records.
From this analysis, e-procurement platform is a tool primarily aimed at reducing wastage, graft and plunder of national resources. It brings discipline on how public procurement is done and can help transform how public finances are managed.
Media reports indicate that counties are against the system which ensures prudent management of public finances. The gravity of this mischief is escalated by the allegation that the governors are willing to embrace the accounting platform of IFMIS but not the e-procurement platform.
The governors allege that e-procurement lacks adequate infrastructure in the counties, is slow and also lacks an enabling legal framework, which renders its roll out ineffective.
We must be ready to embrace transformation and accept positive change in the society and discard the manual procurement system which is easily manipulated and is prone to corruption.
In this respect, adoption of the e-procurement platforms by all public entities will address wastage and pilferage of public resources.
We as Kenyans should support e-procurement system and address the challenges amicably which emerge during the course of implementation. Financial Management Information Services Department is conducting training of suppliers countrywide and Kenyans should therefore make suggestions on how to strengthen the operations of e-procurement to make it more effective and user friendly.
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