The Resources Mobilization Department in the National Treasury has served the country very well over the years and continues to do so.

The department is under the Directorate of Public Debt Management Office which is instrumental in seeing that the resource mobilization function is performed by the Ministry for the benefit of Kenyans.

The Director of the department is Mr. Jackson Kinyanjui who also serves as the acting Director-General of the Directorate of Public Debt Management Office.
The functions of Resource Mobilization Department are many and varied.  They entail development and implementation of external resources mobilization policies; external loans, aid and grants resource mobilization; harmonization, alignment and co-ordination of aid effectiveness in line with Paris Declaration 2005; evaluation of external loans proposals; and co-ordination of donors.
Other resource mobilization functions are reviewing financing and credit agreements for both loans, grants and donations; facilitate and monitor implementation of donor funded projects; facilitating fulfilment of condition precedent; liaison with counties; and undertake research on external resources mobilization to inform policy development.
Development of domestic debt  markets; domestic borrowing, aid and grants resource mobilization; issuance of national government guarantees and on-lending management; educated and update investors about the economic performance of the government to achieve increased demand for the government’s local and international debt securities; are other major functions of the Resource Mobilization Department of the National Treasury.
Other major functions of the department are to develop and execute the global investor relations programme that accurately reflects the government of Kenya investment climate; lead the development of strategy, operating plans, budget, and execution of the investor relations programme that may include among others; facilitating two-way communication channels with investors and rating agencies; briefing senior  policymakers about market feedback and concerns, overall market sentiment with respect to asset class and general global environment, and anticipated market reactions to policy changes under consideration.
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