The National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Mr. Henry Rotich has emphasized on the importance of moving from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the only way to facilitate Development Partnership Forum on Youth Employment.

Speaking at the Deputy President’s residence in Karen where the Chair of Thematic Development Partnership Forum on Youth Employment was chaired by His Excellency Hon. William Ruto, Mr. Rotich said that engaging youth in meaningful employment is the only way the government can enhance development and maintain the youth forum’s objectives.  
The best way the youth may be engaged more by all the stakeholders is through having candid discussion with all development partners, civil societies, philanthropic organizations, and the government.
Mr. Rotich said that the ease of doing Business is on the right track as Kenya was ranked the third most improved nation worldwide and he is still hopeful of the country doing better in future.
“This improvement has been facilitated by several factors that the Government of Kenya has put in place which include the electricity connectivity , stamp duty fee reduction, minimization of company registration and search of company’s names which has been shortened, the digitalization of land issues, competitive global platforms as well as the regulatory reforms/Company Act” Said Mr. Rotich.
He said that other measures include the funding of counties every month by the national government, revenue collection in counties as well as the E- procurement procedures that have promoted accountability while admitting internet and electricity connectivity challenges.
On the capacity building programme, Mr. Rotich said that the number of jobs created cannot sustain the current labour demand. “We need to create a million jobs annually to counter the demand and hit the economy growing target of 10 per cent “Mr. Rotich said.
According to the Cabinet Secretary, the government needs to improve financial access, improve on youth engagement, capacity building and hone their skills, and have clear coordination on the policy implementation. This kind of engagement and inclusivity for the youth will address unemployment issues and hence promote the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Also present was the National Treasury Principal Secretary, Dr.  Kamau Thugge who noted that health, radicalization, HIV and Aids, crime, Drugs and substance abuse are the gigantic tasks that the government has to deal with when it comes to the youth unemployment. “We need to create employment for the youth, mentor and sharpen their skills, and engage their participation in order to realize the Vision 2030.” He added. He said that vision 2030 has a great agenda of addressing the youth issues.
Dr. Thugge recommended key issues and challenges that came up during the previous meeting while addressing youth agenda.  “There is need for labour market information system, a skilled march to the labour market, scale-up evidence- based on youth entrepreneurship initiatives, and enhanced coordination of youths.” he added.
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