Processing of Pension Claims for Officers of National Treasury
In order to expedite on the processing of the pensions claims in respect of retiring officers from the National Treasury, the following documents should be forwarded the Head of HR department on 3rd floor room 320 or 315.
a) Two (2) clear copies of your National Identity card (both sides)
b) At least two (2) pay-slips each year for male officers
c) Dully completed Pension Commutation and address Form.
d) Official Secrets Acts Declaration Form Appendix `E`.
e) Clearance at the date of retirement
f) Copy of Pin card.
g) Copy of Bank Plate
h) Dully completed Declaration Assets and Liabilities form (PSC 2b).
In light of the above kindly note:-
Officers who have been notified of their retirement must ensure
they submit the pensions claim support documents promptly to
avoid delays in processing the claim.
All officers must ensure that they are in possession of the following
a) PSC 2 forms filled on employment,
b) At least two (2) pay-slips each year for male officers,
c) Letter/PCA on first appointment,
d) Letter of Probationary Appointment,
e) Letter of Confirmation in Appointment and
f) All promotions/upgrading/redesignation