Senior Management

This division is charged with the responsibility of providing administrative support services to technical departments in the Ministry, enforcing observance of government rules and regulations at the Ministry headquarters and also handling of a number of non-technical duties in the Ministry. Specifically, the division is responsible for the following duties:-

1. Coordination of parliamentary business

2. Control of expenditure under head 135

3. Coordination of general legal matters and Ministry land issues

4. Maintenance of a clean and safe working environment at Treasury Building and BIMA House

5. Provision of transport services

6. Allocation of office space

7. Provision of telephone services

8. Provision of working tools in the following offices

1. Minister's office

2. Assistant Minister's office

3. Permanent Secretary/Treasury's office

4. Financial Secretary's office

5. Sections within the division

9. Ensuring smooth running of main and secret registries of the Ministry

10. Coordination of boarding of obsolete government stores

For effective discharge of the above tasks, the division is subdivided into the following sections.

1. Security Services Section
2. Telephone Services Section
3. Registry Services Section
4. Office Services Section
5. Transport Services Section