Senior Management

Budget Reforms
A Historical Background
The Government of Kenya had on an annual basis prepared two budgets a recurrent and a development budget. This process was adequate then as the economy was relatively small. The government was also a small institution and there was limited skilled manpower and limited resources. As the economy evolved and became more complex in all ways it became necessary to realign the manner in which resources were sourced and allocated. Reforms have also been undertaken in line with international best practice.
Among the reforms that have been introduced over the years are:

Programme Review and Forward Budget.
    Budget Rationalization Programme
    Public Investment Programme
    Medium Term budgeting process (commonly referred to as the Medium Term Expenditure Framework MTEF).
    The MTEF process and the Annual Budget

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    Programme Review and Forward Budget
    Budget Rationalisation programme
    Public Investment Programme
    Public expenditure management prior to the Introduction of the Medium Term Expenditure Framework
    Recent Budget Reforms: Introduction of Medium Term Expenditure Framework
    Design and Rationale for adoption of Medium Term Expenditure Framework.
    Institutional Arrangements in the Implementation of MTEF