Senior Management

The Public Relations Office is charged with the responsibility of projecting a positive image for the Ministry of Finance. This is achieved through deliberated and well planned communication activities targeted at the Ministry's internal and external publics (stakeholders)

The PR office serves the entire Ministry providing communication support services cutting across all the departments. The Office provides external linkages for the Ministry's stakeholders who include other ministries, government/departments, Parastatal, Development partners, private sector, civil society and the general public.

The Office is headed by a Public Relations Officer (PRO) who is responsible for the Ministry's communications i.e.

    External Communications
    Internal Communications
    Protocol matters
    Media relations

Motto: Image is everything. (Rider - Reputation is the intangible key asset for the success of the organization).


    Enhanced communication among internal and external publics. (Ministry's stakeholders).
    Sensitive to inquiries.
    Timely appointments especially for top management.
    Prompt and speedy response to issues raised in the media concerning the Ministry.
    Effective liaison between external and internal stakeholders and the management.
    Enhance partnership with media.
    Enhance transparency through information sharing