EuroBond Press Releases

EuroBond Press Releases

The Government of Kenya issued a Sovereign Bond in June, 2014 for purposes of general budget support including funding of infrastructure and for the repayment of the Syndicated Loan amounting to US$ 600 million plus accrued interest of US$ 4.6 million. The contract documents for the Syndicated Loan required that the loan be repaid within seven days of receipt of the proceeds from the Sovereign Bond. This was also explicitly stated in the Sovereign Bond prospectus. The supporting documents and subsequent Press Releases on the Eurobond are listed below:

Kenya successfully issues US DOLLAR 2.1 Billion Euro Bond on 15th May 2019

Response To The Hon. Raila Odinga’s Statement On Kenya’s Eurobond Dated 14th January, 2016.

Response To Allegations That Ksh 140 Billion Of The Eurobond Money Is Missing.

Sovereign Bond Proceeds Accounts.

The US$ 2 Billion Sovereign Bond (June 2014) And The Tap Sale Of Us$750 Million (December 2014).