Kitui, 9th August, 2019


The government has reiterated its commitment to upscale the absorption of technical skills among the youth as an enabler to actualize the Big Four Agenda, Francis Musyimi, Principal Administrative Secretary National Treasury has said.

Speaking on Friday after the official opening of Kyuso Empowerment Centre in Mwingi North Constituency on behalf of Principal Secretary National Treasury Dr Julius Muia, Musyimi challenged the youth to take up skill empowerment opportunities to improve their livelihoods.

‘I would like to urge the youth to come for these loans availed through several affirmative actions. Apply and secure funds to start your own business to improve your livelihoods,’ observed the Principal Administrative Secretary.


Musyimi said the Youth Empowerment Programme is a timely intervention meant to help the youth break forth from the shackles of poverty.
‘There has been underutilization of government funds and such creation of awareness will help the youth to take up these loans and grants to improve the outcomes of the lives,’ he said.

Kyuso Deputy County Commissioner Chaunga Mwachaunga said that the government is on the forefront to fight unemployment among the youth in the country through the introduction of various affirmative action programmes.

‘I want to appeal to those youth who have benefitted from various loans offered by the government such as Uwezo Fund to ensure timely remittance of their monthly dues. This is a revolving fund that is geared towards supporting other youths,’ said Chaunga.

The Deputy County Commissioner said that there is no reason for the youth in this country to engage in criminal activities when they can utilize various fund programmes to create their own wealth and become self-reliant in society.

Commenting on the recent inroads of cement investors in Mwingi North constituency, Chaunga challenged the county’s political elite to shun divisive politics that might scare investor confidence from setting up cement factories in the limestone rich belt.

‘The cement investors setting up factories will create massive employment opportunities for the locals. We need to assure them of our undivided support at this time as they augment the government’s Big Four Agenda on manufacturing,’ he said.

Kitui National Youth Council Chairman Aggrey Nzomo disclosed that over 13, 000 KCSE candidates in Kitui County obtained grade D+ and below in 2018 examinations.

‘These candidates will benefit from technical skills empowerment to support the middle level industries such as masonry, electrical installation, mechanics, plumbing among others,’ said Nzomo.

Commenting on the growing number of early teenage pregnancies in the county, the National Council Youth leader lamented that over 17 girls from Kyuso Sub-County alone are due to give birth at Kyuso Health Centre in August.

Nzomo called on all actors to collaborate to ensure that early teenage pregnancies is curbed warning that perpetrators shall be dealt according to the law to ensure that the girl child is protected to proceed with her education.