To ensure the timely, efficient and effective payment of pensions, gratuities and other benefits to eligible employees of the Kenyan Public Service so that they enjoy a dignified and secure livelihood when they leave the Service.


Timely, efficient and effective compensation for past service in the Kenyan Public Service
The Pensions Department operates under the Ministry of Finance and administers the Government's public pensions policy.

Challenges Faced
On a day-to-day basis, the Pensions Department also handles a large volume of correspondence as well as visitors, with an average of 700 letters and 200 visitors daily while about 2,000 claims are filed at the Department every month. The Department is also currently handling a payroll of over 180,000 active pensioners and more than 150,000 semi-active files held in the Registry.

Delays in processing of pensions can occur from either of three parties: -

The Ministry or Department where it does not lodge the officer claim papers on time  this will be the case where the complainant writing to the Press does not have a Pension Number. In such cases, the Pensioner is advised to contact his parent Ministry.

The Pensions Department where it delays in processing the officer claim because the required information is missing from the claim documents and correspondences have to be exchanged to get the information.


It is possible to pay a retiree pension benefits within the first week of retirement. Of course with cooperation of all the relevant parties and more so those retiring.

Serving officers should understand that it is part of their responsibility to assist the personnel units of the Ministries/Departments to sort out their service records while still in office. Start interesting yourself in your impending retirement early.

It is important that an officer gives family particulars, spouse (or spouses) and children. These should be supported by documents e.g. marriage certificate, birth certificates, divorce certificates etc which should be retained in the personal file. They all matter a great deal in the retirement benefits payment process.

The Pensions Department paid pension increase for all Government Retirees who retired on or before 30th June 2005. The Department effected the increase as from July 2006.

Minimum Pension was increased by 300% from Kshs. 500 per month to KShs.2, 000 per month.

All pensioners earning KShs1, 000 or less every month had their pensions reviewed to KShs2, 000 per month.

All other pensions were increased by 3%. However, the initial minimum increase of the monthly pension was set at KShs.1, 000.

Pension increases for retired officers was paid in the July 2006 Payroll to their bank accounts together with arrears for the period 1st July 2005 to 30th June 2006.

Processing of Pension Claims for Officers of National Treasury
In order to expedite on the processing of the pensions claims in respect of retiring officers from the National Treasury, the following documents should be forwarded the Head of HR department on 3rd floor room 320 or 315.

  1. Two (2) clear copies of your National Identity card (both sides)
  2. At least two (2) pay-slips each year for male officers
  3. Dully completed Pension Commutation and address Form.
  4. Official Secrets Acts Declaration Form Appendix `E`.
  5. Clearance at the date of retirement
  6. Copy of Pin card.
  7. Copy of Bank Plate
  8. Dully completed Declaration Assets and Liabilities form (PSC 2b).

In light of the above kindly note:-
Officers who have been notified of their retirement must ensure they submit the pensions claim support documents promptly to avoid delays in processing the claim.