Directorate of Budget, Fiscal & Economic Affairs

Directorate of Budget, Fiscal and Economic Affairs

The Directorate is headed by a Director General, reporting to the Principal Secretary, National Treasury. The main functions of the Directorate include:

  • Formulate, implement and monitor macro-economic, fiscal and financial policies and regulations;
  • Prepare annual Division of Revenue Bill and County Allocation of Revenue Bill; Coordinate financial and fiscal relations between the national and county governments;
  • Analyse, monitor and evaluate bilateral and multilateral economic and financial affairs;
  • Coordinate the preparation of the macro-fiscal framework to guide preparation and implementation of the budget;
  • Assist county governments to develop their capacity for efficient, effective and transparent financial management;
  • Formulate Competition and financial markets policies and regulations;
  • Coordinate the implementation of Anti-Money laundering policies;
  • Develop and operationalize policies to position Kenya as an International Financial Centre;
  • Undertake National employment policy management;
  • Develop policy and regulate carbon financing and trading;
  • Assist county governments to develop their capacity for efficient, effective and transparent financial management in consultation with Cabinet Secretary, Devolution and Planning;
  • Promote transparency, effective management and accountability with regard to public finances in the Public Service;
  • Issue guidelines to national government entities with respect to financial matters and monitoring their implementation and compliance;
  • Management of procurement and disposal of assets;
  • Formulate procurement standards and policies and oversee their implementation;
  • Coordinate preparation of budget for the national government;
  • Undertake research to inform policy development.

The Directorate of Budget, Fiscal & Economic Affairs is organized into the following five (5) Technical Departments, each headed by a Director:

  1. Budget Department
  2. Macro and Fiscal Affairs Department
  3. Financial and Sectoral Affairs Department
  4. Inter-Governmental Fiscal Relations
  5. Public Procurement Department
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