Investor Relations

Investor Relations

In September 2020, an Investor Relations and Donor Coordination Unit (IRU) was established at the Public Debt Management Office at the Kenya’s National Treasury. The Investor and Donor Coordination Unit will be headed by a Director who will report to the Director General, Public Debt Management Office and will be responsible for both Investor Relations and Donor Co-ordination.

The IRU is committed to provide quality and verified information to the general public and financial markets on government borrowing and debt. The Investor Relations website is intended to provide investors with a single entry point to a wide range of information disseminated mainly by the National Treasury, The Public Debt Management Office, Central Bank of Kenya and the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics. Through this website we intend to improve communication with our investors and information dissemination, transparency and accountability for better decision making by our investors.


The main objectives are:

  • To facilitate a two-way communication integrating macro-economic, finance and marketing to effectively control the flow of information between sovereign investors, financial institutions and other stakeholders to lower costs and risks of the country’s debt.
  • To maintain contact with market participants to address concerns and questions regarding recent economic developments and policies
  • To maintain a website dedicated to providing current macroeconomic statistics and policy information related to fiscal, monetary and debt management policies
  • Reduce transaction cots to the Government of Kenya and to Development Partners (DPs) by streamlining systems for delivering external assistance, standardizing procedures, elimination of duplication, managing for development results and upholding mutual accountability and transparency.

The Functions of IRU are:

  1. Dissemination of accurate, timely and comprehensive market-relevant economic information to analysts and investors to enable them make investment recommendations and decisions.
  2. Provide direct timely feedback channel to investors and other stakeholders
  3. Engaging credit rating agencies during the rating assignment.
  4. Maintaining and improving contact with domestic and international investors
  5. Coordinate investor conference calls, deal and non-deal road shows
  6. Prepare Investor presentation and ensure they are available on the IRU website
  7. Coordinating the implementation of the effective development cooperation principles and commitments, and the strategic priorities put forward by the Government of Kenya in its Vision 2030 and the subsequent Medium Term Plans.
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