Directorate Public Private Partnerships


The Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Directorate, which is headed by a Director – General, is the technical arm of the PPP Committee and is mandated to facilitate implementation of the Public Private Partnership Programme and Projects in Kenya. The PPP Directorate’s functions include:

  • Originating, guiding and coordinating the selection, ranking and prioritization of public private partnership projects within the public budget framework;
  • Overseeing project appraisal and development activities of contracting authorities including providing technical expertise in the implementation of projects;
  • Leading contracting authorities in project structuring, procurement, tender evaluation, contract negotiation and deal closure;
  • On its own motion, originating and leading in project structuring and procurement, in liaison with a contracting authority;
  • Supporting the development of public private partnership programmes in the country;
  • Overseeing contract management frameworks for PPP projects;


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